Mortgage Checklist

For those who would like to know what may be required to complete your mortgage. I will be here to assist you in this process, but this will give you a head start! (This is not an exhaustive list)

If you are an employee:

  • Letter of Employment (Dated within 30 days)
  • Current Paystub
  • Last 2 years T4's

If you are sole proprietor of your own business:

  • Last 2 years Notice of Assessments from CRA
  • Last 2 years T1 Generals including T2125 Tax Form
  • Confirmation no income taxes are owing

If you own a business that is a corporation:

  • Last 2 years Notice of Assessments from CRA
  • Last 2 years T1 Generals 
  • Confirmation no income taxes are owing
  • Last 2 years T4's and/or T5's
  • Last 2 years corporate financials
  • Confirmation of ownership of corporation

If you are purchasing a home:

  • 90-day bank statements from the account(s) the down payment is coming from.

Please ensure your name and account number are clearly identified on the statements.

As well, large deposits will require a history of 90 days as well. If possible, it's best to leave money where it is instead of moving it from account to account.


  • Accepted offer to purchase
  • MLS Listing - PDF
  • Lease Agreement (if applicable)
  • Strata Document package from the realtor (if applicable)


  • Most recent tax notice from the city
  • Current mortgage statement
  • Confirmation of strata fees (if applicable)
  • Lease (if applicable)
  • Bank statements showing last 3 months rent deposits (if applicable)

Personal Info:

  • Void cheque from the account the mortgage payments are to come out of
  • Picture ID
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