Mortgage Solutions

As a Mortgage Broker, I work carefully and diligently in order to provide my clients with the financing solutions they deserve. To me, there’s nothing more important than client satisfaction, which is why my promise is to find the best mortgage for each client based on their financial situation and property preferences. Read more about how I can make mortgages fast and easy for you.

First-Time Home Buyer

Dream of owning? I dream of helping you get there — with your best rate, better mortgage, and simple, stress-free process.

Buying Your Next Home

Your next mortgage is likely a little different than your first. I can help you save time and cash — fast.

Renewals & Transfers

You don't have to automatically renew with your bank. In fact, I can check with your bank and other lenders to get you a better rate. And maybe even a better mortgage fit.

Refinancing Options

Whether you want to take advantage of a lower rate, extend your amortization, or tap the equity in your home, refinancing can be the right choice, for the right reasons.

Purchase Plus Improvements

Not every home is move-in ready. Have you found the perfect home, but it needs a little TLC? With one manageable mortgage, you can have your home — plus add in the costs of renovations — sometimes with as little as 5% down.

Investment Properties

Make your next real estate venture a walk in the mortgage park. I simplify your mortgage process AND get you your best fit and rate — to help you save thousands.

Vacation & Second Homes

Eyeing that next property? Gain ground with my simpler mortgage process and better rates.

New Build Mortgages

Learn about long-term rate holds and draw (construction) mortgages — and what to do as possession approaches.

Newcomers to Canada

Coming to live and work in Canada is exciting and may seem overwhelming. If you want to buy a home, I can help with great mortgage advice and your best rate to help you save more.

Bad Credit Mortgage

I have Alternative Lenders that specialize in mortgages for people with less than perfect credit. If you own a home or have a down payment ready, I may be able to help.

Equity Based Mortgages

Do you face challenges based on your credit history — or in providing traditional income? An equity-based mortgage may be your answer.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you have equity in your home, a HELOC can be a lower-interest way to access funds for those important things that come up, like home upgrades or consolidating debt.

Mortgages for Self Employed

If you're self employed or a business owner — is your mortgage process different? Get clear details and advice on your best mortgage path, with the best rates.

Reverse Mortgage

Every Canadian wants (and deserves) a financially secure retirement. If you're considered a senior homeowner, a reverse mortgage can 'unlock' the value in your home without having to sell or move — allowing the funds to be used as you wish for your retirement.

Non-Resident Mortgage

Living abroad, but still have a toe in Canada? Or not a permanent resident, but looking to buy? There are new federal restrictions and eligibility requirements for buying a home — get expert mortgage advice that simplifies and saves.
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